About Allies for Alley Catz:

The Passion of Rescue

Allies for Alley Catz go above and beyond to save lives spay/neuter/ adopt. We are currently over full and looking for caring Foster homes. Seniors who want loving company of a pet, or anyone else who loves cats and would love to help us out. Nov. 2016 

You can donate at  the Petvalu in Port Elgin, Ontario, Country Depot or Queen St. Vet in Kincardine, OR by PayPal below.

We continue to operate only because of those who care enough to support us. Thank you! 




Thanks to Sherry Norin for taking the time to come photograph some of our beautiful cats Nov. 2016

     My name is Donna Coughlan.  I love animals, always have.  I have always gone for the “Under Dog” or “Under Cat”...whichever the case may be. When I was very young, I wanted to become a Zoologist and work with all kinds of animals. As life would have it, a different path unfolded for me.  I work as an Administrator for a Retirement Residence lodge. I love working with seniors, families, and staff.  However my passion for working with, caring for animals and their welfare has not changed.  


   Every single cat that is spayed or neutered will cut down on cat over population. It will make a difference to the many unwanted strays who often end up being euthanized before ever being given a chance at life. So sad! There are far too many who are born out in the wild with no help in sight and so the cycle continues.  There are also too many who were pets and abandoned or lost, unable to defend themselves, and without the instincts to survive out there in our cold winters.

     If anyone has a stray they are feeding... I have a great plan for making a great winter shelter from a large Tupperware bin, the ones with a lid used for storage.. I will gladly email it to you.







Natural Habits
 We prefer to adopt to Indoor only homes.... Old school thinking is that we tend to allow our pets to roam wherever they wish...  They were originally outdoor animals right?  But is this still the right way to go?  Due to the number of missing animals in the area paired with the wildlife, we believe that it is safer for people to keep their pets indoors (especially at night).  Because of the number of cats at our own home, we had a cat enclosure built by Philip White.  This large structure is built off of the back of our home and is entirely closed off to prevent escape. An outdoor enclosure can give your cat safety, freedom and fresh air. Make sure it is secure and they are watched over.
Our Rescue cats have access to the entire deck, highbeams, shade, clean water, and numerous toys to play with.  They can go out whenever they please and
can be assured safety.  Another bonus?  You won't have any more dead birds at the doorstep or the neighbour yelling at your cat to get out of their garden! Ar

     In 2010 during the winter I got a call from someone who needed help catching baby kittens.  The mother and kittens were living under a building down town.  We were concerned that they were not going to survive the winter. So a few of us worked at rescuing the kittens as they were old enough to leave mom. One by one we caught them and found homes for them. There was one we could not save. That was hard! We saved four.    It was a harsh winter. We thought..." What about the mom of those kittens, how have I helped her?" So, my partner Phil and I started going out leaving food there for her and her male counterpart.  Every day, we went out after work in some pretty nasty winter weather to watch over a live and humane trap.  

     One day, I was cooking supper, so Phil said he would go out on his own. That night he came back with a huge male tom cat.    “Tommy” became our "Garage cat" for most of that winter. He stayed up in the rafters in a straw bed.  Phil would take his laptop out to the garage dressed in his winter coat, and play the radio while he talked to Tommy.  Tommy took awhile to tame. Phil was the one that decided it was time for Tommy to come into the house.  I was a bit sceptical...however, it was worth it...He is a  big teddy bear now!          


     From that moment on we started getting calls for help and so here we are... It was not something we really planned...just happened. :)