The Cat


     Building a cat enclosure for your property does a number of things.  Our's for instance allows us to exit our back and side doors without the fear of having 20 cats loose.  Thats the main reason why ours was built.  However it also allows the cats to have more exercise as well as fresh air.  Sitting in an open window just doesn't do it.  The airflow on the main floor is improved and there are less animals in the house at a time. 

     Outside, you will find highbeams all around the enclosure as well as a gate.  The gate allows us to securely seal the gate shut when it is not in place (there are 5 individual locks in place).  There is no wind that can push that gate open! ....Except a tornado.  In that case everyone will be in the basement so it really doesn't matter.  The highbeams criss-crossing the area are high enough that no one will bump their heads and accessable enough that if any of the cats refuse to come inside we can reach them with a step stool.  The cats love these wooden boards and race across them daily!  They even have a winding staircase on the one side of the enclosure.  This allows them to travel up to the top level a few different ways.  We also put up a "runner" (long matt) for the cats to use as a hammock.  They seem to enjoy "tanning" on it!




The Cat Enclosure provides fresh air, complete safety, exercise and fun! These interlocking bricks were donated for the bottom part and what a difference it made! :)


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