We currently have 35 cats (kittens included) living in our home.  We can not take any more in at this time..  If you are missing a cat or have found one please contact us on Facebook or by email and we will network it out as best we can.  Please be understanding..  Allies For Alley Catz is a nonprofit organization and the care of all the animals in our home is costly.  All donations that we recieve are greatly appreciated and put to good use.  If you are looking for a new addition to your family please take a look at the Requirements page.  Everything that is asked of is there.  All the cats that we have for adoption are in our Looking For Forever Homes page.  Keep in mind that adopting a cat can be a 20 year commitment.  A kitten doesnt look the same as it did one year later.  Kittens are actually more work than adult cats.  Yes they both need love and affection, but kittens require more; and at all times.  If they don't recieve the attention they need they will amuse themselves..  And this tends to lean towards the destructive side.  If unwatched and left to their own devices they can become seriously injured or worse.  They are just like babies in this sense, and are just as much of a responsbility.



Cat Age Chart:

6 months: 10

1 year: 15

2 years: 24

3 years: 28

4 years: 32

5 years: 36

6 years: 40

7 years: 44

8 years: 48

9 years: 52

10 years: 56

11 years: 60

12 years: 64

13 years: 68

14 years: 72

15 years: 76

16 years: 80

17 years: 84

18 years: 88

19 years: 92

20 years: 96

21 years: 100

22 years: 104

23 years: 108

24 years: 112

25 years: 116


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