There are a number of ways that people have helped us...  Whether it be by donating food and litter at the Port Elgin Pet Valu or Country Depot. You may also help us by placing a donation towards our Vet costs at Queen St. Vet. Kincardine.  All the donations we receive are greatly appreciated.  Not only do we care for the cats here at our home, but we also help out the wonderful, selfless people who foster for us.  A lot of the donations we recieve we "pay forward" to the people who foster or are adopting from us..  Especially if money is an issue.  The cost we put for adopting the cats (or kittens) isn't for us... so we can get our money back, it is to show that the cats new family is willing to commit to the care of their new pet for life.


All donations are greatly appreciated!

You can donate at either the Petvalu in Kincardine or Port Elgin, Ontario OR by PayPal below.