Do's and Don't's

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Do's         Don't's

-Spay and/or neuter your cat(s)


-Bring your cat in for annual vet checks


-Look for alternatives to declawing such as Soft Paws:


-Check the ingredients in the food you give your pets.  The same goes as in our food...  If you don't recognize the ingredient names its probably not good for your cat.  A lot of ingredients such as gluten are added as fillers.  These are not necessary to your cats health and may cause problems in the long run, however Taurine is needed in a cats diet.


- Watch for re-calls on food. Research the foods you give your pet.




-Don't declaw your cats, it can cause your cat to develop arthritis and behave in a unexceptable manner. Some cats end up having litter box issues because of the pain in their paws. Many have phantom pain in their paws after de-clawing just like a person with an amputated limb. Remember, cats hide their pain well, it can often show up in other ways such as behaviour problems.  Here is a more detailed description of the aftermath:


-We don't recommend having your cat outdoors due to the number of missing cats in the area as well as the chance of them running into dangerous wildlife (coyotes and raccoons)


-Do not feed your cat dog food....  It lacks certain things your cat needs in order to stay healthy (like taurine).  If a cat is given a mainly dog food based diet it can become blind.