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What we ask of you for our Cats

     When we consider giving a cat to a new home we have a number of things to consider.  Can the cat be guaranteed safety, care, and love?  Will it be on it's own or with another pet?  Is it suitable to be with another animal or is it better off as a one-person-cat?  Will it be an indoor cat or will they allow it to roam freely?  Do they intend to declaw the cat?  Will it be spayed/neutered?  Will it be receiving all the necessary shots?  Will it be fed properly? 

     We make several recommendations to people concerning their new family member once they have been approved.  We require people to consider alternatives if they want their cats declawed for the sake of their furniture. 

     An alternative to declawing is snipping off the hooked tips of the claws and applying Soft Paws.  These are small claw covers that save your furniture (as well as your legs).  Many cats do not like these on ... so best bet is to have lots of scratching posts to train them on with a bit of cat nip spray to entice.  

     We also ask that people keep their cats indoors or have a small cat enclosure built if they wish for their cat to have outdoor access.  They don't have to take up a huge amount of space and the cat will appreciate it.