"Annie completes my little family. She couldn't be more of a perfect fit. Cuddles and kisses and very playful."

oh donna iam sooooo glad i got rose....she and carrot lick each others ears and rose sits infront of washing machine (has a window) waiting randomly for it to start.....she walks with a heavy foot ...makes me laugh thump thump....and they chase each other and play like crazy ...thank you so much ~  Tina



"He is Adorable,

Love Him!



Happy New Year Donna a little update on Gandalf the grey and white aka. Samsonite (I assume you can imagine why we named him that) lol we noticed he's very connected to music and he loves bagpipes, he likes to have sessions where he listens to his music and he puts his paws on the system when he hears bagpipes. Isnt' that amazing?! his new nickname is Mozart

Please remember cats do bond. 

Hi Donna, As you can see things are going very well with Romeo adjusting to all of us. He fits right in; he was meant to be. ~~~Colleen

From Shelbi : Oh yeah all is well. They get along famously!



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